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Tanzania has some special locales that attract scientists, anthropologists and geologists, as well as film crews. Lake Tanganyika, Mount Kilimanjaro, endangered wildlife, the annual Great Migration, the Hadzabe Tribe, the traditional Maasai community, the active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai, and many more awesome features of Tanzania continue to draw people from all over the world.

Please know that professional camera crews and film-makers must obtain special permission from the government and pay additional fees. Note that the information below applies to filming in Tanzania mainland only. If you have a project in Zanzibar, you will need to get a special permit. 

What filming doesn’t require a permit

The key here is ‘professional’. If the intent of the film is for personal use, then you should be fine to take as many photos and videos as you can!

Filming that does not require special permits:

  • Amateur or personal films
  • Photos or videos made on your private video camera or mobile phone
  • GoPro Cameras that are for your own personal use

What filming requires a permit 

You should remember, however, that professional does not, in essence, mean “commercial”. It means everything filmed with use of more than the ordinary amateur cameras. Even if you are filming for an NGO or for fun, but use large cameras, a permit will be required. 

If you are a professional photographer, film maker, videographer or documentary-maker or journalist, then please read the following information carefully.

  • If your project is commissioned or contracted by another company
  • If you are a journalist and intend to use photos or videos as part of your work
  • If your project requires large cameras and equipment that must be set up in advance
  • If you are intending to film with the use of a drone at any point (including for amateur or personal use), you will need a special permit.

What permits are necessary? 

For filming in Tanzania, several permits are required 

Tanzania Film Board

This is the most important permit, and one which you must get first. It is only after receiving this permission that you will be eligible to be granted other permits.

Fees paid 
All filmmakers must pay a fee of $1000 USD to the Tanzania Film Board.
The permit application must be submitted 30 days before the start of filming, and the processing may take up to 2-3 months. So make sure to file your application in advance. 

If you need to expedite this process, it is possible. For $3000 USD, the application will be processed in as little as 7 days.

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