Address: Kiligolf B26 Arusha, 10155

Midwives and Nursing Project

Midwifery students and Volunteers will have the opportunity to provide both pre-natal and post-natal care to mothers. They will also be involved in counseling and monitoring the development of the fetus and the condition of the pregnant women under the guidance of consultants.

They will also help parents-to-be develop a birth plan that covers how they would like their baby’s birth to go and which medical interventions they would accept and under what conditions.

They will also be learning about delivery and postnatal care. Students will be consulting with doctors and turn the patient over to an OB-GYN if complications arise. Midwives students will provide postpartum follow-up care after a baby is born.

They will also get involved in general Women’s Health Care etc. The students will not only serve the pregnant women but also learn about other women’s health services that OB/GYNs provide. Mostly volunteers will be allocated in Engarenarok Health Centre in Arusha Suburb

Midwifery in the developing world tends to cover a variety of areas, with placements in delivery, neonatal, I.C.U, obstetrics and gynecology. We can also arrange for to split your placement in two different hospitals, or join one of our Village Healthcare Experiences (Africa only) broader views of healthcare in your chosen country.